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Permeable Boundaries (Plexus Projects) - New York

Currents New Media - Santa Fe

Film and Video Poetry Symposium - Boston, LA

Athens Digital Art festival - Athens

Premio Brasil, Arte Emergente - Quito


"Man programmed technology unconscious that in the future, technology was going to program him, forming an infinite ouroboros between them both"
Technolapse is a video art about technology and its symbolic reinterpretation through an archetype of the processes of mechanization; The typewriter. It is a video art that questions our ways of doing and being, since they have been molded by technology.
The performer, F (automated human), interacts in a multi-sensory way with the machine and the interferences of an external manipulation, and the latter initiates a game of control, of appetite and faith, where F begins to feel to act and cease being object. The reinterpretation is materialized in the form of extensions, complementing the mutation of F, generating a dialogue between identity and technology.
"To heal the mechanization with the same machine, to speak with an inner device in its programmed language, to touch the spectator in the same keys".

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